Our training programs are based on real-world
management and executive experience.

Management Consulting
Keynote Speaking

EAI's training programs and seminars are based on, and encompass, real-world management and executive experience. Equally importantly, they are premised upon solid and diverse academic principles and management theory.

Goals are twofold:

1. Provide attendees with the knowledge and ability to effect immediate and positive change in their job performance.

2. Increase awareness of the need for attendees' work behavior to conform to the core values of the organization.

Training programs and seminars can be presented in various formats; e.g., highly interactive sessions with small to medium sized groups, classroom seminars for larger groups and formal presentations for large audiences.

Training Seminar Summaries
Descriptions of our most popular programs.

Additional Training Seminar Topics
A sampling of diverse programs.

County & Municipal Training Seminars
Programs tailored for local governmental audiences.

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