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"Doug Mault has been a business partner to Pacific Coast Building Products for well over 15 years. He has assisted many of the company’s businesses in employee training, product development, sales and marketing strategy and tactics, and most recently Doug helped us with website development. He has worked with us in almost all our product lines including our gypsum wallboard business, clay bricks, roofing and distribution at field, subsidiary and parent company level. Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building products and materials business to every assignment and has been a good friend and valuable member of our management team.”

Al Mueller, President
PABCO Building Products, LLC
a Subsidiary of Pacific Coast Building Products

Doug Mault has represented Dryvit on several occasions to address misconceptions held by some important gate keepers in our industry. Doug's professional approach and intimate knowledge of the construction industry resulted in an improved understanding climate by these gate keepers. Doug's extensive management experience has also provided valuable counsel on various issues facing our Company.

We continue to use Doug's services as relevant issues come up.

Peter Balint, President

"Doug Mault related very well with our employees. His consulting advice fit perfectly with our quality improvement initiative when we took over a failed Fixed Base Operation. My dealings with Doug were most positive and I would recommend him without reservation."

Marc A. Fruchter, President
Aviation Consultants, LTD

“I have been retired from education since 1999. Since then, I have often had occasion to recall my career with pleasure and fondness. I would like people to know that Executive Advisory Institute’s training and guidance provided to the Mt. Adams School District played a significant role in making my job a most effective experience. EAI's training for the District's Administrative Team, the School Board and for myself, allowed our organization to accomplish clear goals and objectives that contributed to a positive focus and meeting our mission of "insuring that learning is taking place". Ultimately, our entire organization was efficient and a pride to our community. Thank you Doug.”

R. Joseph Hoptowit, Superintendent (Ret.)
Mt. Adams School District

"Green Baron is the better for our association with Doug Mault. Strategic planning, growth plans, efficiency reports, budgets and the like should be a part of every business owner’s tool box. However, Doug’s business experience and insight enabled us to incorporate other, often overlooked, business essentials as well, in particular, the value of developing long-term customer relationships. Doug helped a “raw” company become both efficient and profitable. Over the last twenty years he helped us develop a track record of continuous success through a variety of economic climates. It can be done, and Doug helped us do it.”

Jeff Roll, Owner and President
Green Baron Landscape, Inc.

“Doug Mault is a valuable asset to the Wall and Ceiling industry. His experience and understanding of the scope of work and needs of member companies in the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau (NWCB) has been a tremendous resource. Doug has provided educational programs on a number of topics for me as well as our office staff. He has been a keynote speaker, and has presented special seminars, at several NWCB annual conventions. He has also provided a variety of consulting and training services for individual member companies. His personality and communication skills add to the success of his consulting and presentations. I have, and will continue to recommend Doug Mault.”

Robert Drury, Executive Director

"Doug Mault was an extremely valuable and integral consultant to Seattle Wall Systems from its inception more than 20 years ago. His training programs, combined with his talent for guiding us in our thinking and planning processes, were key to our success and our status as the industry leader in the Northwest."

David Jack, President
Seattle Wall Systems, Inc.

Doug Mault offers the type of consulting service one needs for a proven strategic and effective business organization. For Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Yakima Valley, the non-profit organization of which I was the Executive Director, Doug facilitated a strategic planning Board retreat with outstanding, long-term results -- and, in addition, provided me wise counsel personally as a follow-up to those effective meetings. The Directors and I were impressed with Doug’s background, personal expertise and leadership but most impressed with his thorough preparation, through extensive staff interaction, and his understanding of the organization’s for profit and non-profit competition. His ability to isolate weaknesses and capitalize on strengths, including a focused evaluation of vision, is outstanding. Doug’s service  is invaluable whether applied to a Board of Directors’ retreat or internally to evaluate and strengthen a business. I personally recommend Doug: your organization will thrive based on his insight and invaluable counsel.

H. Geoffrey Baker, Executive Director (Ret.)
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Yakima
Colonel USAF (Ret.)

“Doug Mault has consulted with Fry Reglet for more than fifteen years. His input to, and guidance of, our strategic direction has had a significant positive impact on our company. Perhaps his greatest contribution was his active role in helping to advance and effect a transition of ownership which has enabled our substantial growth and current success. His wide experience as a COO, CEO and as a consultant and trainer, allows him to provide new insights and concepts to any organization which utilizes his services. I recommend him highly.”

Mac Hall, President & COO
Fry Reglet Architectural Metals

“Doug Mault is an amazing resource. I have had the pleasure of working with Doug on two separate occasions and both provided much benefit to the organizations that commissioned him to work for them. The first was on behalf of our Credit Union where Doug provided the Board with the necessary resources that enabled them to write their first ever strategic business plan. While Doug had not been employed in the financial services sector, his vast experience in the business arena provided him with the tools that really are not industry sensitive. In addition, Doug helped the Credit Union write its first mission statement, one that we continue to use to this date. The second occasion I had to work with Doug was while serving on a board for a local non-profit agency. The results of that planning session were equally as impressive and beneficial. I consider Doug a friend and would recommend that he be given enthusiastic consideration for providing professional services to industries across the board.”

Paul Regimbal, President
Catholic Credit Union, Yakima, Washington

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